Common Stocks - Sector Utilities

CompanySymbolPriceMarketcapROEEx-Div DateYieldIndustryDescription
Ameren CorporationAEE75.7618,635,912,19711.97%2019-06-112.51%Utilities - RegulatedAmeren Corp is an American power company. It operates a rate-regulated electric generation, transmission, and distribution business and a rate-regulated natural gas transmission and distribution business in Missouri and Illinois.
American Electric Power Company Inc.AEP90.2444,182,217,35611.34%2019-05-092.97%Utilities - RegulatedAmerican Electric Power Co Inc is a regulated utilities operator. The company generates, transmits and distributes electricity to more than 5 million retail customers across over 10 states in the United States of America.
The AES CorporationAES17.1911,084,241,78521.91%2019-04-303.18%Utilities - RegulatedThe AES Corp is a power generation and utility company. It is engaged in providing affordable, sustainable energy through its diverse portfolio of thermal and renewable generation facilities as well as distribution businesses.
Avangrid Inc.AGR49.2715,982,119,4743.92%2019-06-063.57%Utilities - RegulatedAvangrid Inc is a diversified energy and utility company with operations in more than 20 states. The company operates regulated utilities and electricity generation through two lines of business. Avangrid Networks and Avangrid Renewables.
Allete Inc.ALE86.184,387,559,6269.42%2019-05-142.73%Utilities - RegulatedALLETE Inc is engaged in the genration, transmission and distribution of electric power in the United States.
AmeriGas Partners L.P.APU34.713,252,147,75316.20%2019-05-0910.95%Utilities - RegulatedAmeriGas Partners LP is a retail propane distributor in the United States and conducts its business through its subsidiary, AmeriGas Propane, L.P. The company also sells, installs, and services propane appliances, including heating systems.
Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.AQN12.426,048,078,7439.23%2019-06-274.54%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersAlgonquin Power & Utilities Corp is a renewable energy and regulated utility company. It is engages in hydroelectric, wind, thermal and solar power facilities, and sustainable utility distribution businesses.
Artesian Resources Corporation Class ...ARTNA36.30352,432,5209.48%2019-05-092.71%Utilities - RegulatedArtesian Resources Corp through its subsidiaries offers water, wastewater and other services on the Delmarva Peninsula. It distributes water for public and private fire protection, to residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and utility customers.
Atmos Energy CorporationATO106.8712,191,341,2609.83%2019-05-241.97%Utilities - RegulatedAtmos Energy Corp is engaged in the utilities sector. It distributes natural gas to residential, commercial, public authority & industrial customers.
Avista CorporationAVA45.302,850,269,26311.38%2019-05-223.42%Utilities - RegulatedAvista Corp is engaged in the utilities sector. Its business includes generation, transmission and distribution of natural gas to customers in the United States.
American Water Works Company Inc.AWK114.6420,705,188,19810.53%2019-05-101.74%Utilities - RegulatedAmerican Water Works Co Inc provides water and wastewater services to residential, commercial and industrial customers in the United States and Canada.
American States Water CompanyAWR75.232,749,338,68912.55%2019-05-151.46%Utilities - RegulatedAmerican States Water Co is engaged in the purchase, production, and distribution of water. It also provides water and/or wastewater services at various military installations. It operates in three segments water, electric and contracted service.
Atlantica Yield plcAY22.572,224,823,1722.39%2019-05-316.91%Utilities - RegulatedAtlantica Yield PLC owns, manages and acquires renewable energy, conventional power, electric transmission lines and other contracted revenue-generating assets, focused on North America, South America and Europe.
Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P.BEP36.076,034,456,4590.93%2019-05-305.71%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersBrookfield Renewable Partners LP is a renewable power generating company. It portfolio of renewable power generating facilities is spread across North America, Colombia, Brazil, Europe, and other countries.
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP...BIP43.7611,996,333,0001.18%2019-05-304.59%Utilities - RegulatedBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP owns and operates utilities, transport and energy businesses, and freehold timberlands in North and South America, Australia, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.
Black Hills CorporationBKH79.684,673,084,71311.65%2019-05-162.54%Utilities - RegulatedBlack Hills Corp is a vertically-integrated energy company. The company operates in segments including regulated Electric Utilities segment, regulated Gas Utilities segment, Power Generation segment, and Mining Segment.
Comp En De Mn Cemig ADS American Depo...CIG3.915,484,909,78011.09%2019-05-062.92%Utilities - RegulatedEnergy Company of Minas Gerais is a Brazilian power company that is engaged in generation, transmission and distribution and sale of electricity.
CMS Energy CorporationCMS58.2316,315,848,96313.31%2019-05-022.63%Utilities - RegulatedCMS Energy Corp is utility company operating in Michigan. It is engaged in independent power production and owns power generation facilities fueled by natural gas and renewable sources.
CenterPoint Energy Inc (Holding Co)CNP28.7014,522,868,0605.65%2019-05-154.01%Utilities - RegulatedCenterPoint Energy Inc owns and operates a portfolio of energy-related businesses. The company primarily provides transmission and distribution services and has natural gas distribution systems in the United States.
Chesapeake Utilities CorporationCPK92.181,518,855,68511.63%2019-06-131.76%Utilities - RegulatedChesapeake Utilities Corp is a diversified energy company engaged, through its operating divisions and subsidiaries, in regulated and unregulated energy businesses.
CPFL Energia S.A. American Depositary...CPL16.337,451,135,94121.16%2019-05-021.50%Utilities - RegulatedCPFL Energia SA is engaged in the distribution, generation and commercialization of electric energy in Brazil. It distributes electricity mainly in the states of Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.
Connecticut Water Service Inc.CTWS69.89826,748,9207.24%2019-05-311.87%Utilities - RegulatedConnecticut Water Service Inc is a non-operating holding company. The company is engaged in supplying water to its customers. It operates in three segments; Water Activities, Real Estate Transactions, and Services and Rentals.
Consolidated Water Co. Ltd.CWCO14.18202,324,03410.41%2019-06-282.40%Utilities - RegulatedConsolidated Water Co Ltd develops and operates seawater desalination plants. The company's operating segment includes Retail, bulk, services and manufacturing. It generates a majority of its revenue from the Bulk segment.
Clearway Energy Inc. Class CCWEN17.283,113,786,4650.71%2019-05-314.63%Utilities - RegulatedNRG Yield Inc is a dividend growth-oriented company. The company owns, operates and acquires contracted renewable and conventional generation and thermal infrastructure assets.
California Water Service GroupCWT51.042,416,314,2508.80%2019-05-031.55%Utilities - RegulatedCalifornia Water Service Group is engaged in the production, purchase, storage, treatment, testing, distribution and sale of water for domestic, industrial, public and irrigation uses, and for fire protection.
Dominion Energy Inc.D75.9960,811,193,1775.88%2019-06-064.74%Utilities - RegulatedDominion Energy Inc is a producer and transporter of energy. It manages its daily operations through three operating segments namely Dominion Virginia Power of DVP, Dominion Energy and Dominion Generation.
DTE Energy CompanyDTE128.7523,557,453,86411.85%2019-06-142.94%Utilities - RegulatedDTE Energy Co operates in the utilities sector. The company mainly involves in the business of power generation. It also provides natural gas distribution services.
Duke Energy Corporation (Holding Comp...DUK88.6063,369,206,5287.17%2019-05-164.19%Utilities - RegulatedDuke Energy Corp operates regulates utilities across the US. The company distributes electricity and gas to its customers and engages in three segments: electric utilities and infrastructure; gas utilities and infrastructure; and commercial renewables.
Centrais Electricas Brasileiras S A A...EBR9.9812,552,444,44826.97%2019-05-092.07%Utilities - RegulatedCentrais Eletricas Brasileiras SA, along with its subsidiaries, is engaged in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in Brazil. It operates in three segments namely generation, transmission and distribution segment.
Consolidated Edison Inc.ED87.5028,886,361,3718.71%2019-05-143.38%Utilities - RegulatedConsolidated Edison Inc functions in the utilities market. It owns energy infrastructure projects and its main business operations are its regulated electric, gas and steam delivery businesses. The CECONY segment generates maximum revenue.
El Pasoectric CompanyEE66.142,655,458,1278.94%2019-06-132.33%Utilities - RegulatedEl Paso Electric Co is a public utility company which is engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in in the Southwestern U.S.
Edison InternationalEIX71.0420,408,813,944-3.43%2019-03-283.45%Utilities - RegulatedEdison International is engaged in the utilities sector. The company's business mainly involves generation and distribution of electric power. It also invests in infrastructure and energy assets, including renewable energy.
Companhia Paranaense de Energia (COPEL)ELP13.423,341,332,1299.34%2019-04-300.73%Utilities - RegulatedEnergy Company of Parana generates, transmits, distributes, and sells electricity and piped gas in the Brazilian State of Parana. It also provides telecommunication and other services to industrial customers, along with others.
Enel Americas S.A. American Depositar...ENIA8.42471,111,660,43118.12%2019-05-098.07%Utilities - RegulatedEnel Americas SA, generates, transmits and distributes electric energy in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.
Enel Chile S.A. American Depositary S...ENIC4.656,473,989,75413.78%2019-05-098.13%Utilities - RegulatedEnel Chile SA is an electricity utility company, which through its subsidiaries and affiliates is engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity businesses in Chile.
Enel Generacion Chile S.A. American D...EOCC16.514,513,698,93216.82%2019-01-036.06%Utilities - RegulatedEnel Generacion Chile SA is an electricity utility company. It is engaged in the generation and transmission of electricity businesses in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru.
Eversource Energy (D/B/A)ES76.8824,210,162,4389.40%2019-05-222.78%Utilities - RegulatedEversource Energy is a public utility holding company, which is engaged in the energy delivery business. The company operates through electric distribution, electric transmission and natural gas distribution segments.
Entergy CorporationETR104.7219,956,486,97311.45%2019-05-083.48%Utilities - RegulatedEntergy Corp is an energy company. It is engaged in electric power production and retail electric distribution operations in portions of Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana, including the City of New Orleans.
Evergy Inc.EVRG60.9115,400,024,3968.85%2019-05-293.12%Utilities - RegulatedWestar Energy Inc, through its subsidiaries, acts as an electricity provider in Kansas, providing generation, transmission, and distribution services in the central and northeastern regions of the state.
Exelon CorporationEXC48.2848,499,196,2067.57%2019-05-143.00%Utilities - RegulatedExelon Corp is a power retailer engaged in the utilities sector of United States. The company involves in the power generation and transmission activities. The Generation segment generates maximum revenue for the company.
FirstEnergy Corp.FE43.4722,873,276,9791.18%2019-05-063.50%Utilities - RegulatedFirstEnergy Corp is a diversified energy company. It is involved in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. It operates in segments such as Regulated Distribution, Regulated Transmission and CES.
Fortis Inc.FTS39.5516,787,864,0007.78%2019-05-163.38%Utilities - RegulatedFortis Inc is an electric and gas utility holding company. The company's regulated utilities serves customers across Canada and in the United States and the Caribbean.
Global Water Resources Inc.GWRS11.02215,113,01217.29%2019-06-132.60%Utilities - RegulatedGlobal Water Resources Inc is a water resource management company. It operates and manages water, wastewater and recycled water utilities in strategically located communities, principally in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona.
Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.HE44.524,688,644,69210.14%2019-05-222.88%Utilities - RegulatedHawaiian Electric Industries Inc is engaged in generating, purchasing, transmission, distribution and selling of electric energy in the State of Hawaii.
Huaneng Power IntlHNP23.95384,603,287,2960.43%2019-06-182.48%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersHuaneng Power International Inc is an independent power producer. The company is engaged in developing, constructing, operating and managing power plants throughout China.
IDACORP Inc.IDA103.795,251,673,57710.52%2019-05-032.43%Utilities - RegulatedIdacorp Inc is engaged in the generation, transmission, distribution, sale and purchase of electric energy regulated by the state regulatory commissions and the FERC. The company's segment is utility operations.
Just Energy Group Inc. (Canada)JE4.26610,796,522-92.82%2019-06-148.77%Utilities - RegulatedJust Energy Group Inc is a retail energy provider specializing in electricity and natural gas commodities, energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy options.
Kenon Holdings Ltd.KEN21.001,030,243,976-17.70%2018-12-068.86%Utilities - RegulatedKenon Holdings Ltd, through its subsidiaries, provides electricity generation using technologies such as hydroelectric, natural gas and diesel turbines and heavy fuel oil engines, in Peru, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Jamaica, Nicaragua, among others.
Alliant Energy CorporationLNT49.7111,632,326,04112.10%2019-04-292.86%Utilities - RegulatedAlliant Energy Corp operates as a regulated investor-owned public utility holding company. It provides regulated electricity and natural gas services in the Midwest through its subsidiaries.
MGE Energy Inc.MGEE73.012,415,345,33813.02%2019-05-301.85%Utilities - RegulatedMGE Energy Inc is a public utility holding company. The company, through its subsidiaries, generates and distributes electricity and purchases and distributes natural gas.
Middlesex Water CompanyMSEX59.37975,097,63511.66%2019-05-141.62%Utilities - RegulatedMiddlesex Water Co is a water utility based in the U.S. state of New Jersey. It is engaged the business of collecting, treating, distributing and selling water for domestic, commercial, municipal, industrial and fire protection purposes.
NextEra Energy Inc.NEE207.4597,889,593,1219.02%2019-05-312.41%Utilities - RegulatedNextEra Energy Inc is an electric power company in North America. It generates renewable energy from wind and sun. The company also owns generation, transmission and distribution facilities and has investments in gas infrastructure assets.
NextEra Energy Partners LP representi...NEP49.642,611,532,4073.27%2019-05-063.89%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersNextEra Energy Partners LP is a limited partnership formed to acquire, manage and own contracted clean energy projects with stable long-term cash flows. The renewable energy sales generate maximum revenue for the company.
National Grid Transco PLC PLC (NEW) A...NGG51.51176,834,418,5637.91%2019-05-307.87%Utilities - RegulatedNational Grid PLC transmits and distributes electricity and gas. It owns regulated transmission and electricity generation facilities in the United Kingdom and United States.
NiSource IncNI29.0410,648,365,043-2.90%2019-07-302.76%Utilities - RegulatedNiSource Inc is an energy holding company, whose subsidiaries are fully regulated natural gas and electric utility companies serving customers in seven states.
NewJersey Resources CorporationNJR49.624,362,135,1068.90%2019-06-142.36%Utilities - RegulatedNew Jersey Resources Corp is a utilities service provider. The company mainly provides other retail and wholesale energy services.
NRG Energy Inc.NRG35.379,278,233,519-56.34%2019-04-300.34%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersNRG Energy Inc is engaged in the utilities sector. Its primary business involves operation of power generation facilities, trading of energy, capacity and related products, transacting in and trading of fuel & transportation services.
NorthWestern CorporationNWE72.583,663,452,11611.54%2019-06-133.17%Utilities - RegulatedNorthWestern Corp is a part of the utilities market sector. The primary occupation of the company involves the generation and transmission of electricity. It also provides natural gas.
Northwest Natural Holding CompanyNWN69.911,964,165,6778.85%2019-04-292.72%Utilities - RegulatedNorthwest Natural Gas along with its subsidiaries distributes natural gas in Oregon, Washington and California. The company has two business segments: Utility segment and Gas Storage segment.
OGE Energy CorpOGE42.978,677,573,28811.17%2019-07-093.40%Utilities - RegulatedOGE Energy Corp, together with its subsidiaries, operates as an energy and energy services provider. It offers physical delivery and related services for electricity and natural gas in the south central United States.
ONE Gas Inc.OGS90.554,700,701,4858.87%2019-05-142.21%Utilities - RegulatedONE Gas Inc is engaged in the business of natural gas distribution. The Company serves residential, commercial, industrial, transportation and wholesale and public authority customers in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.
Ormat Technologies Inc.ORA63.433,175,051,4394.12%2019-05-170.69%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersOrmat Technologies Inc is engaged in the geothermal and recovered energy power business. It designs, develops, builds, sells, owns, and operates clean, environmentally friendly geothermal and recovered energy-based power plants.
Otter Tail CorporationOTTR52.322,062,471,34611.90%2019-05-142.68%Utilities - RegulatedOtter Tail Corp through its utility business units provides electricity and energy services. It operates in segments namely, Electric, Manufacturing, and Plastics.
Public Service Enterprise Group Incor...PEG60.4030,260,122,41910.93%2019-06-063.11%Utilities - RegulatedPublic Service Enterprise Group Inc operates in the utilities sector. Its primary business involves the production and transmission of power.
Pattern Energy Group Inc.PEGI23.332,196,894,998-2.35%2019-06-277.24%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersPattern Energy Group Inc is a power generation company based in the United States. It produces and sells electricity mainly in the United States and in Canada and Chile.
PNM Resources Inc. (Holding Co.)PNM49.183,954,802,4325.55%2019-05-012.36%Utilities - RegulatedPNM Resources Inc is an investor-owned holding company which owns regulated utilities providing electricity and electric services in New Mexico and Texas. It provides electric generation, transmission, and distribution services.
Pinnacle West Capital CorporationPNW93.0210,921,218,71010.24%2019-04-303.17%Utilities - RegulatedPinnacle West Capital Corp is an investor owned electric utility holding company based in Phoenix, Arizona. It provides retail or/and wholesale electric service through its subsidiary Arizona Public Service.
Portland General Electric CoPOR54.854,876,188,1349.25%2019-06-242.81%Utilities - RegulatedPortland General Electric Co is a vertically integrated electric utility. It is engaged in the generation, wholesale purchase, transmission, distribution, and retail sale of electricity in the State of Oregon.
PPL CorporationPPL30.2922,150,271,24815.76%2019-06-075.45%Utilities - RegulatedPPL Corp is an energy and utility holding company operating through its subsidiaries. The company generates and markets electricity in the northeastern and western U.S. and in the delivery of electricity in Pennsylvania and the U.K.
RGC Resources Inc.RGCO28.89216,459,70410.81%2019-07-122.28%Utilities - RegulatedRGC Resources Inc is an energy services company engaged in the regulated sale and distribution of natural gas through its subsidiary.
Companhia de saneamento Basico Do Est...SBS13.418,338,820,40214.46%2019-04-302.24%Utilities - RegulatedCompanhia De Saneamento Basico Do Estado De Sao Paulo is a Brazilian water and waste management company. It provides water and sewage services to residential, commercial, industrial and governmental customers.
SCANA CorporationSCG47.786,814,347,431-3.60%2018-12-071.04%Utilities - RegulatedSCANA Corp is a holding company engaged in the generation and sale of electricity and in the purchase, sale and transportation of natural gas. It also conducts other energy-related businesses and provides fiber optic communications in South Carolina.
South Jersey Industries Inc.SJI32.962,976,763,141-0.59%2019-06-073.49%Utilities - RegulatedSouth Jersey Industries Inc is an energy services holding company. The company through its subsidiaries provides regulated natural gas service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in United States.
SJW Group (DE)SJW62.981,755,265,3896.64%2019-05-031.91%Utilities - RegulatedSJW Group along with its subsidiaries is engaged in the production, purchase, storage, purification, distribution, wholesale, and retail sale of water. Its operating business segments are Water Utility Services and Real Estate Investment.
Southern Company (The)SO55.6156,914,579,49813.79%2019-05-174.46%Utilities - RegulatedSouthern Co is an electricity generating company. It develops, constructs, acquires, owns, and manages generation assets, including renewable energy projects, and sells electricity at market-based rates in the wholesale market.
Suburban Propane Partners L.P.SPH23.731,426,944,11315.81%2019-05-0610.11%Utilities - RegulatedSuburban Propane Partners LP is engaged in distribution of propane, fuel oil and refined fuels, as well as the marketing of natural gas and electricity in deregulated markets.
Spark Energy Inc.SPKE11.13361,648,3758.28%2019-05-306.51%Utilities - RegulatedSpark Energy Inc provides independent retail energy services. It provides residential and commercial customers across the United States with an alternative choice for their natural gas and electricity.
Spire Inc.SR84.774,325,578,81110.16%2019-06-102.80%Utilities - RegulatedSpire Inc, along with its subsidiaries is engaged in the purchase, retail distribution and sale of natural gas. The Company is also indulged in marketing of natural gas and related activities on a non-regulated basis.
Sempra EnergySRE138.0936,902,475,0707.27%2019-03-212.80%Utilities - RegulatedSempra Energy is engaged in distributing natural gas and electricity in Southern California. Its non-California affiliates operates merchant gas and renewable power plants, LNG facilities and gas pipes and storage, as well as gas and electric utilities.
Southwest Gas Holdings Inc.SWX89.124,666,327,3889.76%2019-08-142.39%Utilities - RegulatedSouthwest Gas Holdings Inc is a U.S. based utility company. It is primarily involved in the purchasing, distributing, and transporting of natural gas in the American Southwest. Its operations are divided into natural gas and construction services.
TransAlta CorporationTAC6.181,867,615,567-17.90%2019-05-311.92%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersTransAlta Corp is engaged in the production and sale of electric energy in Alberta, Canada. It also has an energy trading and marketing business as well as it owns transmission lines and coal mines.
TerraForm Power Inc.TERP14.582,840,144,558-4.60%2019-05-315.53%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersTerraForm Power Inc owns and operates portfolio of solar and wind assets located primarily in the United States and underpinned by long-term contracts.
UGI CorporationUGI52.449,355,407,81610.60%2019-06-132.29%Utilities - RegulatedUGI Corp through its subsidiaries distributes, stores, transports and markets energy products and related services. It is a retail distributor of propane and butane, provides natural gas and electric services.
UNITIL CorporationUTL59.22872,162,20012.16%2019-05-142.50%Utilities - RegulatedUnitil Corp is a local distributor of electricity and natural gas throughout its service territory in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Its business segments are utility gas operations, utility electric operations and non-regulated.
Vistra Energy Corp.VST22.4411,732,370,3587.16%2019-06-132.23%Utilities - Independent Power ProducersVistra Energy Corp through its subsidiaries is in electricity market activities including power generation, wholesale energy sales and purchases, commodity risk management and retail sales of electricity to end users.
WEC Energy Group Inc.WEC85.8726,168,769,49811.05%2019-05-132.75%Utilities - RegulatedWEC Energy Group Inc operates electric and gas utility businesses in various states across the US. The firm is primarily engaged in the generation of electricity, gas distribution, and electric transmission.
Aqua America Inc.WTR41.028,765,486,3788.34%2019-05-162.14%Utilities - RegulatedAqua America Inc is the holding company for regulated utilities providing water or wastewater services concentrated in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana, and Virginia.
Xcel Energy Inc.XEL60.7930,499,533,29910.76%2019-06-132.66%Utilities - RegulatedXcel Energy Inc manages utilities to serve over 3.5 million electric customers and 2.0 million natural gas customers across United States. The company through its subsidiary firms operates the electric and gas business in US and Mexico.
The York Water CompanyYORW35.43443,911,13911.48%2019-06-271.96%Utilities - RegulatedThe York Water Co is an investor-owned water utility in the United States. The primary business of the company is to impound, purify to meet or exceed safe drinking water standards and distribute water.